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Whatever Your House, Make It a Home

29 Aug

Martha Bolton and Brad Dickson wrote that there are Seven Signs You’ve Made a Bad Real-Estate Investment:

  1. The words “as is” appear 749 times in the contract.
  2. The home warranty expires in thirty-six hours. And that’s the extended warranty.
  3. During the final walk-through, the home inspector falls through a hole in the roof. And on the insurance report, you have to clarify which hole.
  4. The crown moldings turn out to be made of actual mold.
  5. The sellers apparently did not realize the toilets and doorknobs were part of the deal and took them all with them.
  6. The address is 4369 San Andreas Fault Drive.
  7. That almanac-sized bundle of paper the sellers left behind turns out to be the final disclosure statement. (1)

Most of that will not be as surprised by a home we buy (or even an apartment we rent). We’re careful, knowing that our investment is a big one!

But regardless the size or “bones” of your house, you can always turn it into a home. Some of the most Home Welcome Matinteresting programs on television are the home-makeover-type shows. There’s something satisfying about seeing a drab or even an OK home become glamorous and inviting.

I (Dawn) have a number of books on homemaking and hospitality in my library. Years ago, I read Karen Mains’ Open Heart~Open Home. My new favorite is Practicing Hospitality by Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock. But the other day, I pulled out a book I got a few years ago that radically changed my perspective.

In The Warm and Welcome Home by Quin Sherrer, a woman named Mary Jo offered to help the author give her house a face-lift. After Sherrer gave her cart blanche to move forward, Mary Jo told her that God had “already supplied” what would be needed for the makeover. Most women have “accessories hidden in their closet, attic, or garage, or under the bed,” Mary Jo said ~ and those were the places she would look!

Not wanting Mary Jo to claw through her stuff, Sherrer rummaged through things herself and pulled out all the “extras” that seemed useable for the makeover.

Sure enough, Mary Jo arrived ready for D-day (“decorating day”)…. and Continue reading

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