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I Love Happy Endings

28 Jul

DaisyThe other day when I visited my “granddogger,” Daisy, (a female pup my son owns), I had to laugh when my son and his wife talked about the cost of Daisy’s haircut. It reminded me of this cute joke:

A friend took her dog to the parlor for a haircut, and asked what it would cost. Being told that it would cost her $50, she was outraged.

“I only pay 30 bucks for my own haircut!” she said.

The groomer replied, “That may be true. But then, you don’t bite, do you? (1)

Daisy has a long, swishy tail that acts like a propeller when she’s happy.Daisy on grass

That reminds me of young Jonathan, who had been promised a new puppy for his tenth birthday. He had a tough time choosing one from the dozen likely candidates at the neighborhood pet shop.

Finally, he decided on one nondescript, shaggy pup who was wagging his tail furiously.

Explained Jonathan, “I want the one with the happy ending!” (2)

Happy endings. We all love it when stories end well, don’t we? There’s that sigh of joy … the “aaaaaah” factor when a tale ends well.

Unfortunately, although that might work well in Hollywood, in real life, some stories don’t have happy endings. There are divorces that destroy whole families, financial struggles that overwhelm, and problems with no easy solutions.

Jesus said that we would have tribulation and trials in life (John 16:33). It’s just part of the human condition, brought about by the entrance of sin in the world (Romans 5:12). But in that same verse, Jesus said we can take heart because He has triumphed. In Jesus, there is hope (Titus 1:2) … He is our Hope (1 Timothy 1:1). There is hope and encouragement for our days on earth (1 John 3:2-3), and an ultimate future reward (Ephesians 1:181 Peter 1:3).

Hope in Jesus ChristOur happy ending is sure because of Jesus’ resurrection. It’s not a fairy tale happy ending to a story about a wise teacher, but a sure hope based on the truth surrounding who Jesus is ~ God, the Son.

Jesus died for our sins, but the resurrection is what makes Christianity distinct from mere religion. Other leaders of religions may have lived exemplary lives, led great movements, and even died a martyr’s death ~ but not one of them was raised from the dead.

The resurrection proved that God’s purpose for mankind in redemption was accomplished (1 Corinthians 15:13-20). (Evidence for the Resurrection.)

We have peace, power, victory, security, hope … and we will be with Jesus throughout eternity. Because Jesus lives, we, too, will live (John 14:19) ~ that is our happy ending!


(2) Michael Hodgin, 1001 Humorous Illustrations for Public Speaking, (Zondervan, 2004), #305, p. 128

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