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Listen to the Lips of Your Heart

25 Jun

Quick Eye Exam:

How many “Fs” are in the following sentence? (Answer is further down.)


How many “Fs” did you count?

Did you hear about the young woman who went to see an eye doctor. The receptionist asked her why she was there, and she complained, “I keep seeing spots in front of my eyes.”

The receptionist asked, “Have you seen a doctor?”

The woman thing replied, “No, just spots.”

Eye Exam results:

If you counted three, you are normal. If you counted six, you are a genius…. or you’ve done this before. Apparently, the brain cannot process the word “OF” … amazing, isn’t it?

What are you focusing on?

Speaking of eyes, I (Dawn) was driving down the road with my granddaughter Megan a few weeks ago, and she kept smacking me on the arm (ouch!) every time she saw a Volkswagen “Bug” ~ a game she and her sister Jenna play with their dad. I said, “How about we use convertibles (of any make) instead” ~ thinking that we’d see fewer of them.  But wouldn’t you know it, she then saw a slew of “Caddies!” (Smack. Ouch!)

I suddenly had the thought ~ “We’re seeing them only because that’s our focus!” And you know, Where Are You Focusing?that’s true. Whatever we focus on takes center-stage in our thoughts.

What do you notice consistently? I’m tend to see everything turquoise, of late, since a fashion consultant told me, “That’s your best color.”

I also notice every red convertible, every display of good chocolate, every Jack Russell Terrier, every freckle-faced or blonde child, every sign that says “Bob,” every bookstore, and every church. I notice these things, because I love them or they remind me of things or people I love. These are the things in my heart.  And all these things show up in my conversations, too. (Just ask me!) So “focus” isn’t just about the eyes.

I had to laugh the other day when a scripture verse gave me a weird “picture” in my thinking.  The verse was, “What you say flows from what is in your heart” (Luke 6:45b, NLT). I envisioned a heart with huge lips on one side, and Continue reading

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