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Desperate for White Space?

14 Jul

Multi-tasking WomanI (Dawn) saw a woman at the mall with the following T-shirt:  “Of course, I don’t look busy … I did it right the first time!”

I heard about a woman who returned from too many business appointments. Her young daughter greeted her with, “Hi, Aunt Mom.”  Umm… too busy!

But I think I’ve got the busy bug, too. I was talking on the phone the other day, and in the middle of the conversation, I forgot who the person on the other end of the line was ~ or why she called me in the first place! (OK, that one might be chalked up to some lost brain cells.)

Do you ever feel like you are scrambling in the fast lane? Or, maybe you  actually enjoy multitasking and being busy ~ but things get a little out of hand sometimes? Maybe you just need to create a little “space.”

When I was in fifth grade, I wrote an essay on a test, and had so much to say that I wrote tightly, from one edge of the paper to another. My teacher wrote me a note: “ThisisgoodDawnbutIcanhardlyreadit.Trytoleavesomespacenexttime.” LOL!

I remember reading an article several years ago about Dr. Richard Swenson’s book on the need for “margins” in our lives…. spaces where we can breath and rest … the necessity of creating some “white space” in our calendar.

Pam and I have a friend, Danna Demetre, who referred to Swenson’s book in her own book as she wrote about the importance of balanced living. She wrote, in What Happened to My Life? (Chapter 2: The Balancing Act) ~ “By simple definition, balance means ‘a state of equilibrium.'”

When I used to think of “balance” or “equilibrium,” I tended to picture some zen philosopher; but then I saw that Jesus grew in four areas of life (Luke 2:52). Our Lord had the ultimate balanced life,  and He is our model.

“In my opinion,” Danna said, “true life balance is equilibrium of body, soul, and spirit. If our spiritual life is in balance, it will dramatically affect the balance of our body and soul. Many of us need to implement some simple principles to help us live more purposefully in our daily lives so we can relax emotionally and focus on our relationship with God.” (1)

Then Danna listed eight practical tips Continue reading

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