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Make the Message Clear

15 Sep

I recently read an entire page of cake inscriptions gone wrong Here are some samples:

  • When my mother-in-law ordered a cake for my wedding anniversary, she made a point of instructing the bakery, “That’s Thompson with a ‘p’.” Later, when she went to pick up her order, she noticed that on the box they had written, “Mrs. Phompson.”
  • For my 40th birthday, my husband decided to surprise me with a birthday cake from our local bakery. “In the middle, please print ‘Happy Birthday Nita,'” he instructed them over the phone. “Then, ‘You’re not getting older’ at the top and ‘you’re getting better’ at the bottom.” When he went to pick it up, he discovered that they had decorated the cake with the words exactly as he had said them: “Happy Birthday Nita. You’re not getting older at the top, you’re getting better a the bottom.”
  • We had a “going away” party for a lady… One of the supervisors called a Wal-Mart and ordered a cake. He told them to write: “Best Wishes Suzanne” and underneath that write, “We will miss you.”  As the picture shows, it didn’t quite turn out right.

Apparently, even floral tributes are not safe.

  • My husband is a mortician. He found an odd card on some flowers sent in honor of the deceased. When the sender of the flowers called to place her order, the florist asked what she wanted written on the card. She said, “Write ‘Rest in Peace’ on both sides. And, if you can fit it in, ‘We’ll see you in eternity..” My husband read the card: “Rest in Peace on both sides. And if you can fit it in, we’ll see you in eternity.”

These cakes  and the flowers point out the risk of trusting others to deliver our heart-felt messages. They might get it wrong!

Remember as a child playing the game “Telephone,” a game where children sit in a circle and one child begins to relay a message that must go around the entire circle. The last child reveals the message ~ and sometimes, what the child is so off from the original message that everyone erupts in laughter.

When a message is important, we need to share it ourselves. We need to be sure people “get it.” Nowhere is this more important than when we share the biblical message of the Gospel.

A child explain the gospel to another young friend, in earshot of his mom. He talked with great passion about Jesus’ death and burial, but left out Jesus’ resurrection. “What about when Jesus rose from the grave?” his mom said. The boy turned around and whispered to his mom, “He’ll never believe that, Mom. I’m just going to tell him about heaven.”

That’s the problem with a lot of messages about the scripture. People (sometimes even pastors) leave parts out, believing the plain truth of the Word of God will be too difficult ~ too strange ~ for people to believe. We can’t help it if people misunderstand, but we need to be sure that the messages we share (especially about the Gospel) are not mis-stated! We can’t make people believe, but we must make the message clear.

The Apostle Paul explained the Gospel in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. But he also asked the Colossian church to pray for him so his messages would be clear (Colossians 4:3-4). He had the facts straight, but he wanted the wisdom to communicate through the Holy Spirit to the hearts of men and women so they would understand.

That should be our prayer as well:  “Lord, help me make the message of the Gospel clear.”

Note: All of the cake and floral inscriptions appeared on “Cake Talk,”  (1), 1997; (2) http://www.readersdigest, ca, 1992; (3) Email to, Oct. 2007; (4) email to, 2007

– Dawn

Announcement from Pam and Dawn

1 Nov

Most of our readers think of humor when they think of our book, LOL with God, but there’s a lot of hope in the book, too!

Pam has already ministered in many kinds of places where she offers help and hope to women; and for some time, the Lord has burdened me (Dawn) with a desire to reach women in prisons. But God has never given me the opportunity to go through those prison doors.

I’ve been praying for a way to make a difference with our book, LOL with God: Devotional Messages of Hope and Woman in PrisonHumor for Women. This summer, the Lord allowed me to speak with two different women about the possibility of placing our book in the hands of women in prison or with wives of inmates.

Right after Thanksgiving, Pam and I will present a special FUNdraising event of “Humor, Heart, and Hope.” Both Pam and I will speak, and there will be some fun interludes, but the “heart” of this event is to raise funds to purchase books for two ministries ~ one local and one national ~ that have prison ministry outreaches.

The event ~ sponsored by Rock Church Prison Ministry and Blended Step Families ~ will be held from 7-8:30pm on Monday, November 28, at The Rock Church in San Diego (Room 232).

Admission is $5, and we will also take an offering to benefit those impacted by the prison The Bible in Prisonministries of the Rock Church and also Speak Up for Hope.

The Word of God makes a difference behind bars … and LOL with God is an ice-breaker to get women into the Word who might never open a Bible otherwise.

Only in Christ will these women find the freedom, peace, hope, and joy that their souls seek.

Please PRAY for this event, and for Pam and me. But we also hope you will consider JOINING US if you live in San Diego County.

This is a wonderful way to express some post-Thanksgiving Day gratitude to God for how He has given YOU hope in Christ! Help us bring hope and joy to women who need it ~ just like you!

For more information, visit or call 1-800-810-4449.

[Note: no child-care]

Something Fishy’s Going On

15 Aug

In the early 1980s, the Doc Fingers Band came up with an unusual way to keep their spirits up. They Angelfish and musical notesconcocted some “fishy” puns. Later, pun creations cropped again when the band joined Rex Allen’s All-Star Swing Express on a long bus tour of Germany in 1993.

Here are some of the many puns ~ fish and sea creatures combined with song titles ~ that they (and some of their friends) shared on a funny webpage: *

  • Clam Every Mountain
  • It Haddock Be You
  • When You Wish Upon a Starfish
  • Shark! The Herald Angelfish Sing
  • Fiddler Crab on the Roof
  • You Walrus Hurt the One You Love
  • Sole Train
  • Heart and Sole
  • A-Tuna Mattata
  • My Foolish Carp
  • Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat
  • I Cod Have Danced All Night
  • Boogie Woogie Bluegill Boy
  • Pompano and Circumstance
  • In Your Oyster Bonnet (with All the Gills upon It)
  • Red Snails in the Sunset
  • Mahi’s  Makin’ Eyes at Me
  • Gill of My Dreams
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow Trout
  • Coi Me a River
  • Let Me Call You Sweet Carp
  • What’s It All About, Algae?
  • Salmon Chanting Evening

And my (Dawn’s) personal favorite:

  • Whistle a Happy Tuna

Well, that was a whale of fun, wasn’t it?

What sparked my interest in fish recently was a decal I saw on a car window in front of me. I’m sure Red Fish Decalyou’ve seen similar ones. The decal had an Ichthys symbol (like the “Jesus Fish” Christians once used as a secret symbol). This one included a little cross.

The only problem was, the driver of the car drove like a crazy person, weaving in and out of traffic. Another car almost hit the driver when she darted across lanes toward an exit. I held my breath and shot up a prayer.

But then (I guess my prayer wasn’t long enough), a sarcastic thought came and I yelled out, alone, in my car:  “Oh great. What a wonderful testimony THAT was, you stupid woman.  GET OFF THE ROAD!”

I wished that the little fishy decal would come unglued and fall off.

But as I drove the rest of the way home, I thought about my own “testimony” (spurred on, I’m sure, by my not-so-nice yelling).

Have you ever had the “accuser of the brethren” (Revelation 12:10) whisper in your ear, “HA! You’re doing that? And you call yourself a Christian?”

So I asked God, “Is this really something that would cause people to question whether I know or love You or Your Word, Lord?”

We are all accountable to God, but sometimes we believers forget that people are watching, and they form an opinion of God sometimes based on what they see in us ~ our testimony (Matthew 7:16; Luke 6:43; Matthew 5:16). God is faithful to show us our sin, if we ask. Had people heard my angry outburst, it would indeed cause them to wonder about me; but I knew my heart wasn’t right. And God was faithful to forgive me as I confessed my judgmental spirit (1 John 1:9).

How about you? Is there anything in your life ~ even something that you might think is of little consequence ~ that might cause others to think there’s “something fishy” about your testimony?

Why not stop for a moment now and make that right? Then you can ~ pardon my pun ~ “Whistle a Happy Tuna” today!


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