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A ‘Come-to-Jesus Meeting’

3 Jun

Trevor Lund, an encouraging pastor who I (Dawn) follow on Twitter and through his Computer Parts in Boxnewsletters, tells this  funny story about his daughter, Taiessa, when she was young:

Taiessa was just over two-and-a-half. She and I were downstairs in the crawl space looking through some boxes. She asked me what was in one of the boxes.

“That’s a box of computer stuff.” I stated.

“My puter?” she said, missing the first syllable.

“COM-puter,” I said stressing the part of the word she missed. “Say, COM-puter.”

COM-puter, COM-puter, COM-puter,” she repeated with perfect syntax.

I was just starting to congratulate myself for correcting her vocabulary so easily when she turned to me and said:

“Daddy, my puter’s not coming! *


I think that my computer’s not obedient sometimes, too! In fact, if you’re like Pam and me, you have a love/hate relationship with your computer. The last time my computer was in the process of crashing, I tried coaxing it ~ “Come on … come to Mama … behave … you can do it.” My computer failed to cooperate and I had another expensive “fix” with a technician. I ended up totally frustrated and close to tears, because my computer did NOT come to Mama!

I know that there are days that I must make God grieve because I will not “come” to Him. He has such great plans for me, but I will not respond with a yielded heart. I go my own way, independent and uncooperative, and I ultimately “crash.”

Truth be told, there are days that I make God grieve. Yes, God gets sad. He grieves over the sins of His people.

Do you know how I know? Jesus, the Son of God, wept over the city of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41). It is one of the most touching scenes in the Scriptures. Imagine a strong man weeping. Imagine God weeping. It reveals His heart, doesn’t it?

I read that when Jesus wept Continue reading

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