A ‘Come-to-Jesus Meeting’

3 Jun

Trevor Lund, an encouraging pastor who I (Dawn) follow on Twitter and through his Computer Parts in Boxnewsletters, tells this  funny story about his daughter, Taiessa, when she was young:

Taiessa was just over two-and-a-half. She and I were downstairs in the crawl space looking through some boxes. She asked me what was in one of the boxes.

“That’s a box of computer stuff.” I stated.

“My puter?” she said, missing the first syllable.

“COM-puter,” I said stressing the part of the word she missed. “Say, COM-puter.”

COM-puter, COM-puter, COM-puter,” she repeated with perfect syntax.

I was just starting to congratulate myself for correcting her vocabulary so easily when she turned to me and said:

“Daddy, my puter’s not coming! *


I think that my computer’s not obedient sometimes, too! In fact, if you’re like Pam and me, you have a love/hate relationship with your computer. The last time my computer was in the process of crashing, I tried coaxing it ~ “Come on … come to Mama … behave … you can do it.” My computer failed to cooperate and I had another expensive “fix” with a technician. I ended up totally frustrated and close to tears, because my computer did NOT come to Mama!

I know that there are days that I must make God grieve because I will not “come” to Him. He has such great plans for me, but I will not respond with a yielded heart. I go my own way, independent and uncooperative, and I ultimately “crash.”

Truth be told, there are days that I make God grieve. Yes, God gets sad. He grieves over the sins of His people.

Do you know how I know? Jesus, the Son of God, wept over the city of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41). It is one of the most touching scenes in the Scriptures. Imagine a strong man weeping. Imagine God weeping. It reveals His heart, doesn’t it?

I read that when Jesus wept at the death of his friend Lazarus (John 11:32-35), the word used is dakruo (to shed tears). It’s that kind of silent weeping that wells up in the eyes and overflows down a person’s cheeks.

But when He wept over Jerusalem, it is klaio, which means audible weeping, the kind that grabs us, and we cry out and break down crying … sobbing.

Jesus Weeping over JerusalemI wondered why Jesus would cry that way over Jerusalem. In verse 29a, it says Jesus was at the Mount of Olives, east of the city and up above it. He saw Jerusalem in all her glory ~ and yet, Jesus (the Prophet in this scene) broke down in tears. He weeps (Luke 19:42-44) seeing the things that would soon to happen to His people in Jerusalem. Almost 40 years later, the Romans would encircle Jerusalem and thousands of Jews would die and the rest would be scattered.  Jesus knew it would happen, and it hurt His heart.

And Jesus wept because, for the most part, His people would reject Him prior to His death  (Matthew 27:24-25). They would  reject the reason for which He came, to be their Redeemer (Matthew 23:37).

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, saw His people as sheep not having a shepherd (Mark 6:34), and oh, how He wanted to be their Shepherd.

I know Jesus grieves over the Church today, so often playing games instead of following Him in holiness and obedience. And as a Christ-follower, I know that Jesus must grieve when I won’t let Him shepherd me. So when I sin these days, I don’t take it lightly. I imagine Jesus weeping, and reaching out His hand to me. He keeps on saying, “Come.”

Oh, yes, there are other words He says to me ~ words like “repent,” “confess,” and “surrender.” But first, Jesus says, with unconditional love,  “Come.”

In urban slang today, the words “come to Jesus meeting” means we’re about to get called on the carpet and chewed out big time! But a lot of preachers, especially in the South, say, “We need a come-to-Jesus meeting.” Sometimes they mean to come to Him for salvation, but most of the time, it’s a matter of coming to be sure everything is right with Him. It’s coming in brokenness over sin, and with a yielded heart. It’s not a matter of coming to get “chewed out,” but rather, to take the steps necessary to restore fellowship with God.

Do you need a come-to-Jesus meeting today? He’s waiting with open arms ~ waiting to restore your joy.

* Trevor Lund, “Rev Trev.” Used through permission; share-alike copyright. (emailed newsletter, 5-26-11)


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